Sustainable Ocean Exploitation


CORAL – Sustainable Ocean Exploitation: Tools and Sensors, a combined effort by two Research Centers of Oporto, CIIMAR and INESC TEC, with largely complementary capacities and research skills, aims to investigate and develop technological driven solutions to tackle Deep Sea resource exploitation under an environmental sustainable framework, in addition to the development of Sensor-based technology for marine or marine-related activities.

This will be implemented through a two-research line strategy, RL1 BLUETOOLS – Tools and Technologies for management of Deep Sea resource exploitation and RL2 BLUESENSORS – Photonic Technologies for Ocean Monitoring and Exploitation. Both lines will be articulated with specific objectives but with numerous spills over effects and interrelationships, and coordinated at a central level to assure higher impacts and cross-border innovation.

CORAL activities will include, scientific research, a close interaction with stakeholders, intensive actions involving young hired doctoral fellows. The high degree of technological elaboration should provide a great degree of intellectual property output, a vital aspect for a Blue-Knowledge-Economy.

CORAL sets as central objective to address the sustainable exploitation of marine resources towards filling societal needs and to propose challenge-driven solutions in deep-sea environments.

Main Objectives

  • Propose challenge-driven solutions in deep-sea resources
  • Improvement of the knowledge of the natural processes governing ocean dynamics and ecosystem functions
  • Development of new technological tools and sensors
  • Collecting samples at distance for later analysis
  • Developing sensing abilities capable of diagnosing vital variables for living organisms in rearing conditions
  • “Measure” resources and impact of exploitation
  • Exploit with minimal environmental impact